Where your freedom begins and fun never ends..


Our story starts 9 years ago when we started as 2 separate companies. Only locals doing this job… Actually we were friends even before we started with any kind of cooperation. And so, one day while playing football we had an idea; let’s get together, why not? From that day, every idea, every problem, everything good or bad that happened, it happened to all 3 of us, as one. Knowing our wishes and abilities we knew that we belong in the top of adventure tourism in Dubrovnik. Day after day, season after season with our commitment to this work we have succeeded in our desire to provide you an unforgettable time in Dubrovnik, that you will carry in your hearts for decades..

Charlotte Edel
 Having done a few tours and activities during our week in Dubrovnik we both agreed that this was the best value activity we did. It was really good fun. Our guide Dario was very nice and he told us lots of interesting facts about Dubrovnik and its history. Would highly recommend this to anybody. 
James Rickard
 Even though we started in a pretty heavy summer shower, it turned out to be a great day. Beautiful sights, great hosts and a terrific guide. Then, on returning to our apartment well after we said our goodbyes, we realized our wallet full of cash was missing. Frantic phone calls and a dash back to the marina. The wallet and all its contents was found and returned without any fuss. They also refused any reward or token of thanks as, and I quote, “It is important for us that tourists are happy. Please keep your money and be happy.” Very happy indeed. Thank you. 
Kate Jordan
 We rented kayaks for a half day and it was one of the best days of the trip! We found random caves to explore on Island Lokrum and took naps on beautiful rocky beaches. They gave us great tips on where to go and were flexible with us taking a 1/2 or full day. Completely worth your money! You will not regret it. 
Vanessa Pottie
 My friend and I went kayaking today and it was amazing! You get to see a different angle of Dubrovnik and get some background information as you have tour guides. There are two guides; one at the front of the group and one at the back so there’s always someone in close proximity. One of our tour guides even towed a couple from start to finish. Quite the workout for him I’m sure, haha. Bottom line is these guys are great. Recommend them 100% !!! 
Kelly Naughton
 Two weeks ago i went on a tour and i have never experienced anything like it, the things i saw and learnt were insane!! So much fun and Dajan made it a hilarious journey, I would recommend this tour to all my friends and family much appreciated!!