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Why Us?

Every member of X-Adventure invests their time, passion, and expertise to turn every tour into a real adventure. We’re a bunch of locals who know every stone in Dubrovnik. With over 1000 5-star reviews across multiple channels, we’re bound to get your trip to Dubrovnik to a whole new level. Besides, we’re the only agency offering a Game of Thrones tour Dubrovnik on KAYAKS!

Discover the Real Dubrovnik

Our expert, licensed guides are ready to show you the real Dubrovnik, with all its secret locations, hidden landscapes, and fantastic historical facts that you won’t hear anywhere else! (Not to mention all the fun activities you’re going to have, such as paddling and snorkeling in the Pearl of Adriatic)

Our Equipment and Training

Even if you’ve never been on a kayaking tour before, you’ll become a kayak expert as soon as you finish one of our trips over Dubrovnik. Our guides will take care of all the training you need before you even reach the water, and each item in our arsenal of gear and equipment is well-maintained and cared for. Rest assured, you’re in good hands!

Explore The Pearl Of Adriatic And Its Hidden Magic With X-Adventure

X-Adventure Dubrovnik is a modern, forward-thinking provider of sea kayaking tours based in Dubrovnik. We've been in the business for years, and if there's one thing that we've learned, it's that no trip to the pearl of Adriatic is complete without a spin around the area on kayaks. We've been receiving valuable feedback from our visitors ever since our launch, and we've been implementing changes and enhancements frequently to become the best provider of sea kayaking tours in the area. As we only hire local guides who know everything about Dubrovnik and its history, you're bound to get a wealth of information during every tour, so don't miss your chance to explore the real-life King's Landing like never before. Not only are our tours amusing and well-entertaining, but they're also exclusive and unique, as we're a bunch of expert locals who live close by, and we try to show our visitors the real Dubrovnik from a unique perspective – the sea. Some of our tours cannot be found anywhere else in the world, including our one and only Game of Thrones Kayak Tour, during which you can explore the different filming locations of the famous show from the comfort of your kayak. Although we're mainly known for our Game of Thrones Kayak Tour, which is a unique service that no one else is offering in the world, we actually have multiple adventures tours, including our main Dubrovnik Tour by kayak, which lasts for half a day, and Dubrovnik Sunset by kayak. Through our tours, you'll be able to explore some of Dubrovnik's most famous attractions, such as Old Town, the city walls, and several forts across the region, from the sea, where you can take once-in-a-lifetime pictures that you can share with your friends and brag about on social media! Why wait? Join us today and make your trip to Dubrovnik worth it!



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